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Jogye Order News Jogye Order News
Jogye Order News
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560 New Year's Greeting Message by Ven. Jaseung, the President of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Jogye 01-03 9821
559 Lighting Ceremony of Christmas Tree at the Jogyesa Temple Jogye 12-20 10407
558 Kindergarten Kids Participated in Delivering the Coal Briquettes to the Elderly who Live Alone in Gwangju City Jogye 12-13 11040
557 The Jogye Order’s Official Appeal to the Park Administration on Dec 6, 2016 Jogye 12-07 10402
556 The Return of the Lost Cultural Property, Painting of Five Buddhas, from the USA to Korea Jogye 12-07 11591
555 The Prayer Ceremony to Urge the Prompt Salvation Work of the Sewol Ferry Jogye 11-30 12151
554 Ven. Wonyoung’s Lecture for Dongdaebugo High School Students on Nov. 28 Jogye 11-30 11787
553 Opening of the Korean Seon Meditation Center in Lithuania, Europe Jogye 11-22 13236
552 Photos of Autumn in Buseoksa Temple in Yeongju, Korea Jogye 11-22 16207
551 President paid his respect to the deceased Han Yang-won, chairman of the Association for Korean Native Religion Jogye 11-18 12308
550 [Paris] Voyage au Pays du Bouddhism Coreen (Visiting to Korean Gilsangsa Temple in France) Jogye 11-15 15609
549 [Paris] Voyage au pays du Bouddhism Coreen (Ven. Seonjae’s Lecture on Korean Temple Food at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris on Oct 28) Jogye 11-09 13946
548 [Paris] Voyage au pays du Bouddhism Coreen (Ven. Seoljeong’s Lecture at Paris 7) Jogye 11-09 11365
547 [Paris] Voyage au Pays du Bouddhisme Coréen (video + article) Jogye 11-03 14415
546 [Paris] Voyage au Pays du Bouddhisme Coréen (Oct 25-Nov 9, 2016) Jogye 11-03 13362
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