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Jogye Order News Jogye Order News
Jogye Order News
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Jogye Order News List
Number Title By Date Views
80 The Official Statement of the Jogye Order for the Democratization of Myanmar Jogye 03-16 3321
79 The Jogye Order launched the fund-raising campaign to aid Myanmar’s democratization Jogye 04-14 3077
78 The Jogye Order Demands the Japanese government immediately Stop its Plan to Dump Radioactive Wastewater into the Sea Jogye 04-22 2840
77 Congratulatory Message on the Buddha’s Birthday 2021 Jogye 05-13 2566
76 Dharma Talk by Supreme Patriarch Jogye 05-13 2669
75 President of the Jogye Order issues the official statement on June 4 to mark World Environment Day, in a pledge to overcome climate crisis and achieve carbon neutrality Jogye 06-08 2714
74 Joyge Order Launches the 9th Foriegn Exchanges Advisory Committee Jogye 07-15 3216
73 [Press Release] Master TaegongdangWolju, Daejongsa, the 18th and 28th President of the Jogye Order, Entered Parinirvana Jogye 07-22 3087
72 [Biography] Master Taegongdang Wolju, Daejongsa Jogye 07-27 2949
71 The Essence of Buddha’s Majestic Flower Garland Jogye 10-12 2539
70 [Press release] YouTube Video Contest on the Story of Korean Buddhism for Foreigners Residing in Korea Jogye 10-12 2217
69 2021 Seoul Relax Week Presents the Meditation Conference Jogye 11-03 2147
68 2021 Seoul International Buddhist Expoon November 11~14 Jogye 11-03 2095
67 ‘The Star of Pakistan’ Conferred on Most Ven. Wonhaeng Jogye 11-15 2057
66 Master Seongpa, Daejongsa, and head of Yeongchuk lineage, elected as the 15th Supreme Patriarch of the Jogye Order Jogye 12-16 2121
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