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Jogye Order News Jogye Order News
Jogye Order News
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620 The Hwa Gye Sa Temple Reopens The International Seon Center, holding Every Sunday Sittings Jogye 07-02 8414
619 The Press Conference of the New Year Jogye 02-09 8452
618 “Biography of Seongcheol” Wins Grand Prize at the 14th Buddhist Publishing Culture Award Jogye 02-09 8794
617 ‘Sansa, the Buddhist Mountain Monasteries of Korea’ Jogye 07-16 9131
616 Special Interview with Most Venerable Wonhaeng 1st anniversary of his presidency Jogye 10-11 9285
615 Korea-Japan Joint Symposium Held Marking the 1,400th Anniversary of the Birth of Great Master Wonhyo Jogye 07-04 9313
614 The Speech for New Year’s Day, 2018 by Venerable Seoljeong, the President of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Jogye 12-28 9461
613 Korean Consulate General in Xi’an Implemented Cleanup and Management of the Stele of Eminent Silla Monk Hyecho Jogye 07-04 9572
612 New Year's Greeting Message by Ven. Jaseung, the President of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Jogye 01-03 9812
611 Inauguration speech by the newly appointed 35th President of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Jogye 11-07 9915
610 A Japanese Pilgrim’s Journey to the 33 Sanctuaries Dedicated to Avalokitesvara in Korea Jogye 07-13 10073
609 Preparatory Body for the Committee for Future Generations Listened Carefully to Challenges of Young People Jogye 08-02 10085
608 5th Workshop on Buddhism and the Fourth Industrial Revolution to be Held by the Korean Association for Buddhist Studies Jogye 07-13 10130
607 Jogye Order Holds a New Year’s Press Conference Jogye 01-10 10141
606 Templestay and Temple Food Event Held at New York Jogye 10-17 10167
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