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Jogye Order News Jogye Order News
Jogye Order News
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590 The 3-month long Dreaminus Fundraising Campaign Achieved $56,000 Jogye 07-15 10952
589 “We Can Make a World Without Discrimination” Selected as the Slogan of the Buddha’s Birthday in the Buddhist Era 2561 Jogye 02-21 10981
588 Kindergarten Kids Participated in Delivering the Coal Briquettes to the Elderly who Live Alone in Gwangju City Jogye 12-13 11040
587 Korean and Japanese Buddhist Leaders Pray for the World Peace and the Development of Buddhism Jogye 06-18 11050
586 Young Korean Americans Experiencing the Korean Buddhist Culture Jogye 07-27 11054
585 Sri Lankan Ambassador Manisha Gunasekera Met with Ven. Jaseung, the President of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Jogye 03-24 11080
584 The Association of Korean Buddhist Orders held the New Year’s Dharma Assembly Jogye 01-24 11107
583 On Oct 8, 108 Bowing Campaign for Cleansing Oneself and for Raising Shoes for Tanzanian Children Jogye 10-13 11139
582 Tanzanian Delegates of Borigaram Agriculture Technical College Visit Korea (Part 1) Jogye 05-19 11149
581 Rev. P. Stipe Jurič, O.P. of the Angelicum Paid a Visit to Ven. Jaseung Jogye 02-13 11152
580 Casting methods used to create metal Buddhist artifacts Jogye 09-02 11157
579 Meet Himalayan Buddhism at the Heart of Seoul Jogye 01-10 11198
578 Yeon Deung Hoe (Lotus Lantern Festival) for a World without Discrimination Jogye 05-31 11214
577 Press Conference for Syrian Refugees Trapped in the Incheon Airport Jogye 06-27 11234
576 Best Thanksgiving Wishes from the President of the Jogye Order Jogye 09-12 11244
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