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Jogye Order News Jogye Order News
Jogye Order News
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803 The Ven. President of the Jogye Order emphasized "principles of the mind" to ordained Buddhist military chaplains: "Soldiers should be inspired by the Buddha's teachings" Jogye 04-03 1414
802 Ven. Jinwoo, President of the Jogye Order, requested members to arouse "support and cooperation for the upcoming Great Dharma Rally of Korean Buddhists" Jogye 04-03 96
801 Ven. Jinwoo, the First Speaker of a Series of Dharma Talks at Jogyesa Temple for Buddha’s Renunciation & Parinirvana Day Jogye 03-28 742
800 Dharma Speech by Most Ven. Jungbong Seongpa to mark the end of B.E 2568 Winter Retreat Jogye 02-26 1879
799 Israeli Ambassador Requests Most Ven. Jinwoo to Pay a Visit to Israel Jogye 02-13 1990
798 Buddhist New Year's Gathering Held for the Prosperity of the Nation and People with the President Yoon and over 1,000 Attendees Jogye 02-06 834
797 Revitalizing and Expanding the Monastic Sangha: Youth is the Keyword Jogye 02-01 435
796 The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism will open the path to the peace and happiness of mind with the ardent aspiration that will last the millennium. Jogye 01-25 402
795 Completion of the 2023 sangha training on the status of the international Dharma propagation and strategies Jogye 12-20 345
794 Solemn Observance of the Funeral Ceremony for Great Lineage Master Haebong Jaseung, the 33rd and 34th President of the Jogye Order Jogye 12-12 301
793 "Successful Completion of the World Peace Prayer Ceremony of the Buddhists from Korea, China, and Japan" Jogye 11-14 261
792 Jogye Order’s Water and Land Festival: "May peace prevail in all corners of the world." Jogye 10-30 378
791 Jogye Order offers relief to victims of Morocco's devastating earthquake Jogye 10-25 419
790 Vens. Hyeonbong and Jeongbeom officially invited to the International Forum on Global Faith and Culture Jogye 10-25 401
789 The 2023 Korean Buddhist Culture Expo Expanded the Horizon of Buddhist Culture Jogye 09-22 602
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