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Jogye Order News Jogye Order News
Jogye Order News
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680 Overnight Practice and Dedication of Thousand-Day Prayer at Dharma-sa Temple in LA, USA Jogye 12-24 4898
679 Festive New Year’s Eve Events at Bulgwang Seon Center in NY, USA Jogye 12-24 6267
678 State visit to Pakistan by the Jogye Order delegation set in motion the exchanges that will lead to a flourishing Buddhist culture Jogye 12-11 5822
677 Buddhists of Korea, China and Japan aspired to realize the world peace in Putuo Temple in China Jogye 11-26 5193
676 Special Interview with Most Venerable Wonhaeng 1st anniversary of his presidency Jogye 10-11 9291
675 From the Korean immigration laws to how to manage temples - "It was a big help," foreign monks and nuns say Jogye 09-30 6252
674 Casting methods used to create metal Buddhist artifacts Jogye 09-02 11157
673 Pakistani Ambassador to Korea Rahim Hayat Qureshi paid a visit to Most Venerable Wonhaeng, the President Jogye 09-02 5817
672 It is now scientifically proven that templestay lowers the stress. Jogye 08-30 5905
671 Geumsansa: Dwelling of the Mireuk Buddha Jogye 08-13 7238
670 Walk the Path of Freedom and Compassion Jogye 08-12 6540
669 The Jogye Order celebrates the “era of peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsular” Jogye 07-12 6124
668 Polepole - Borigaram Agriculture Technical College Jogye 06-20 6518
667 Korean and Japanese Buddhist Leaders Pray for the World Peace and the Development of Buddhism Jogye 06-18 11048
666 The Banquet of Ingaksa Jogye 06-14 6089
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