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Jogye Order News Jogye Order News
Jogye Order News
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275 Bongeunsa Temple Abbot Will Conclude 1000-day Prayer Retreat Jogye 08-27 13012
274 Hangja (Postulant) Training Course Jogye 09-10 12983
273 Press Conference Statement on the Jogye Order’s Position to the Land of Jogye 03-30 12975
272 Central Buddhist Museum, 'The World of Utmost Joy Without Suffering, Pure Land' Jogye 10-19 12907
271 Seminar to be held Discussing the Election of the 33rd Jogye Order Administrative Executive Director Jogye 09-03 12887
270 Seminar Held to Commemorate One-Year Anniversary of the Religious Bias Protest Rally Jogye 09-04 12843
269 The New Year’s Press Conference Statement of the Bureau of Monastic Training Jogye 03-17 12829
268 2016 Slogan of the Buddha's Birthday in Korea Jogye 03-15 12789
267 The 20th Korea, China, Japan Buddhist Goodwill Conference to be Held at Bongeunsa, Seoul, from September 6 to 8 Jogye 03-31 12757
266 Secret of the Relics Enshrined in the Amitabha Buddha Triad of Wondangam Hermitage of Haeinsa Unraveled Jogye 10-17 12697
265 Prayer Service for the Fair and Just Solution to the Issue of Comfort Women Jogye 04-14 12387
264 “I wish I can Bring the Lotus Lantern Parade to Croatia!” Croatian Ambassador to Seoul Damir Kusen gushing about the parade, “Wonderful!” Jogye 05-22 12385
263 Jogye Order Published Enlarged Edition of Stolen Buddhist Cultural Properties Jogye 02-15 12362
262 President paid his respect to the deceased Han Yang-won, chairman of the Association for Korean Native Religion Jogye 11-18 12304
261 DREAMINUS, Construction of a Library by Using Plastic Bottles in Tanzania Jogye 05-03 12190
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