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Jogye Order News Jogye Order News
Jogye Order News
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Jogye Order News List
Number Title By Date Views
245 The Dharma Ceremony for the Sexual Minorities (LGBTI) and their Parents on the Buddha's Birthday Jogye 06-02 11653
244 Three Steps One Bow (Samboilbae) Protest of the Jogye Order Jogye 05-04 11639
243 Jogyesa’s Newest and Littlest Monks Met Ven. Jaseung, the President of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Jogye 04-21 11630
242 The Return of the Lost Cultural Property, Painting of Five Buddhas, from the USA to Korea Jogye 12-07 11589
241 30,000 Bowings To Pray for the Successful Rescuing Operation of Sewol Ferry Jogye 07-12 11581
240 Stone Buddhas and Pagodas at Hwasun Unjusa Temple Are Newly Inscribed on the Tentative Lists for the Potential Inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List Jogye 03-14 11558
239 Congratulatory Remarks of Buddha's Birthday in the Buddhist Era 2560 (2016) Jogye 05-10 11557
238 Giving Encouragement and Support for the National Athletes Participating in Rio 2016 Olympic Jogye 07-28 11533
237 The memorial service for Master Doui at Jogyesa Temple Jogye 06-07 11471
236 Announcement of the Statement on the Respect for Life Jogye 06-12 11449
235 Dharma Ceremony to pray for recovery of the farmer, Baek Namgi Jogye 06-30 11383
234 [Paris] Voyage au pays du Bouddhism Coreen (Ven. Seoljeong’s Lecture at Paris 7) Jogye 11-09 11364
233 Singyesa Repair Project and Commemorative Events to be Held Jogye 02-15 11356
232 Seminar to be Held on the Daedong yeojido and the Names of Buddhist Temples Jogye 02-03 11350
231 The Headquarters of the Jogye Order’s Affiliated Organizations for Far-sighted Plans Established Jogye 01-17 11330
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