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Jogye Order News Jogye Order News
Jogye Order News
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110 Buddhists of Korea, China and Japan aspired to realize the world peace in Putuo Temple in China Jogye 11-26 5220
109 luncheon and invited the Ambassador of Pakistan to Seoul, H.E. Rahim Hayat Qureshi Jogye 01-22 5204
108 How to Overcome the Coronavirus Pandemic? Jogye 04-06 5152
107 Congratulatory Event in Southern California to celebrate the New Year Jogye 12-24 5105
106 Overnight Practice and Dedication of Thousand-Day Prayer at Dharma-sa Temple in LA, USA Jogye 12-24 4909
105 Christmas-Tree Lighting Ceremony by the Jogye Order of Korea Buddhism Jogye 12-26 4861
104 Supreme Patriarch’s Dharma Talk to Mark the Tea Ceremony Dedicated to National Teacher Master Doeui (道義) Jogye 06-29 4747
103 Ground-breaking Ceremony for the Korean Buddhist Cultural Experience Center and Gwangje-sa Temple Jogye 06-23 4738
102 The Chinese Buddhist community respondedin kind to the Jogye Order’s compassionate act Jogye 04-14 4671
101 [One Million Vows Assembly] 4. Jogye Order sanitariums and care homes Jogye 03-18 4636
100 Dharma Talk Marking the End of B.E. 2563 Winter Retreat by H.E. Jinje, Supreme Patriarch Jogye 02-13 4625
99 Dharma Talk for the New Year In the Year of the White Rat, Buddhist Era 2564 Jogye 01-02 4580
98 New Year’s statement by Ven. Wonhaeng, president of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, released at the New Year’s press conference Jogye 01-29 4577
97 New Year’s Dharma Assembly Hosted by the AKBO Jogye 01-29 4574
96 New Year’s Greetings of 2020 -End Conflicts and Keep Others - Jogye 01-02 4517
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