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“Even though it’s difficult, we should have a mind to donate for building welfare facilities.”

The story of businessman Kim, Seondu (63) and his wife Jo, GwangYe’s (58) donation for Seunggawon was told, and it warmed people’s heart. They donated 50 million won last January, following last year’s donation of 50 million won, totaling 100 million won(USD 102,000/EUR 85,100).

This couple, who didn’t want to be identified, said “this donation for building a welfare facility is nothing to brag about,” and have had a relationship with Seunggawon for 10 years. For the past couple of years, whenever winter comes they visit ‘Sojjeoksae Maeul’ and help people spend winter more easily by giving support for heating oil, food, and so on.

“It seems better than before, but it’s so pitiful to see people living in a temporary building. When we go there, we have some strong feelings when people run to us calling us ‘mama’.”

This couple has a deeper affection for these people than anyone else. “I know it’s not easy building facilities for the disabled. It’s not simply building one building; rather, it needs many people’s help and effort. When we see monks and the staff of Seunggawon realizing their plan one by one, we get encouragement.”

This couple goes to Bongeunsa Temple and Neunginseonwon, and they have a room for Buddhist practice. “Every morning we pray before the Buddha, wishing for the establishment of welfare centers and people’s health. Also, we pray to live practicing the spirit of sharing with others.

Kim, Seondu said, “my wife and I pray that we become helpful people. Even though we are not perfect, the more we share, Buddha will fill the empty bowl.”

Finally, the couple said, “it’s pitiful that many Buddhists donate greatly for building temples, but they don’t give a thought for needed welfare facilities.” They made an earnest request to Buddhists to pay more interest to establishing welfare facilities.

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