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Dongguk Universitys Kyungjoo Hospital Offering Medical Service in Cambodia

Jogye Order Welfare Foundation Engaged in International Relief Work in Mongolia










 Dongguk University Kyungjoo Hospital and the Buddhist Association provided free medical service in Siem Reap, Cambodia from July 21 to 27. 

 Professor of family medicine and leader of the foreign medical service team Lee Dongwook, Buddhist Associations Ven. Mugu, and five doctors, among others made up the 12-member team of service volunteers.  More than 1400 local people received free medical treatment in Siem Reap, Angkor Tom, and other regions of Cambodia.

 The service team also visited s BWC Childrens Center built by the Korean Sangha Association of Engaged Buddhism.  In addition, Dongguk University s Kyungjoo Hospital has maintained a medical service center in the southern coastal town of Tangalle, Sri Lanka since the 2005 Tsunami. 

  The Jogye Order Welfare Foundation dispatched the Dongguk University True Love Service Organization for international relief work at the Mongolian Jogye Order Social Welfare Center and the Mongolian National Medical Center from August 7 to 19.  The True Love Service Organization is made up of 14 Dongguk University students.  They are engaged in medical education and service for the disabled in collaboration with Mongolian university students.  They also experience diverse programs including Mongolian Buddhism and Nomadism. 


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