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"7-day Journey Seeking Seon with the Mind" on MBC, a special program for the Buddha’s Birthday, which was filmed April 2nd in Geumsansa Temple

With the Buddha’s Birthday just one month away, every media source is busy preparing special programs for the Buddha’s Birthday.

MBC is preparing a program related to Seon Practice (Kor. Chamseon). MBC started co-producing this program, titled "’7-day Journey Seeking Seon with the Mind", April 2nd with the Jogye Order. This program is drawing people’s attention for having such a close relationship with the administration of the Jogye Order from the first step of planning the program.

22 Buddhists participated in the program, which mainly focuses on Seon practice. Also, to analyze participants’ mental and physical changes scientifically, there will be three check-ups with the help of the Ilsan Buddhist Hospital, which is affiliated with Dongguk University.

The administration of the Order and Geumsansa Temple gave their full support for the program. Ven. Ilwon (the Director of Retreats in Geumsansa Temple), Ven. Geumgang (the Head of Mihwangsa Temple), Ven. Ilgam (the Director of Missionary Activities in Haeinsa Temple), and Jugyeong (the Head of Buseoksa Temple) joined the program as guiding teachers, and Geumsansa Temple provided Seoraeseonwon as a place for practice.

In the beginning ceremony, held last April 3rd, Ven. Wolju and Ven. Wonhaeng, Senior Monk and Head Monk of Geumsansa Temple, respectively, greeted participants with a greeting speech and a dharma talk. Ven. Wolju encouraged participants and the film crew by saying, "I hope you find your true mind in connection with this seven days practice and fully enjoy the essence of the Buddha."

An 8-person crew, including the Head of the Department of Current Events and Educational Programs, is working on producing this "7-day Journey", and MBC is going to air it on May 5th, the Buddha’s birthday.

KBS also is preparing a Ganhwaseon(Hwadu Mediation) program. KBS is going to air a three-part documentary, "Seon Story," around the Buddha’s Birthday. "Seon Story," which is going to introduce Ganhwaseon, the representative practice method of Korean Buddhism, is adding animation to the program to draw viewers’ attention, as well as not including some elements that could make the program too serious. This program planned from last year is already done being filmed and now it’s being edited.

Besides special programs about Seon practice, various other programs will be shown for the Buddha’s Birthday, as well. KBS is producing a TV Drama originated from a Korean famous novelist Kim, Dongni’s a novel "Deungshinbul (The monk who sacrificed himself on the pyre)". Director Jang, Hyeongil is filming this work in China, scheduled to end at the end of April.
MBC is going to air "Tripitaka Koreana" nation-wide, which was produced last year with the support of the Broadcasting Commission. A live broadcast, "Focusing on the Topics of the Day," is showing Shingyesa Temple’s past and present, as it is currently being restored. For the program, MBC is preparing to film on Mt. Geumgangsan.

Every media outlet, not only the ones mentioned above but also SBS, EBS, local broadcasting companies, cable channels, and others, is known to be preparing special programs for the Buddha’s Birthday. It is expected that more various programs related to the Buddha’s Birthday than ever before will be aired this year.

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