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State of Affairs Dharma Service for Human Beings, Life, and Peace


More than 1000 in Attendance at JogyesaTemple


(Picture) The prostration pilgrimage group bowing toward JogyesaTemple at the main gate


Disregarding the rain, a group composed of religious leaders led a pilgrimage group doing prostrations for world peace through contrition and self-introspection. They arrived at JogyesaTemple for a Dharma service for human beings, life, and peace. Ven. Sukyung, a Buddhist monk, and two Catholic priests led a group doing prostrations from SeoulCity Hall to JogyesaTemple .


The reason for the Dharma Service was so that citizens could engage in self-introspection about the current poor condition of society, to see if we have contributed to the environmental and economic crises. It was concluded that if we do not change our behavior, we would face a crisis beyond repair. Let us find the path of humans, path of life, and the path of peace toward happiness with a determined heart.


Ven. Cheonghwa, former Jogye Order Director of the Bureau of Education said, Usually, people convey their message through speech, but it is possible to convey a message through bodily actions. The prostrations of these religious leaders convey to the Korean government and society the message of finding the path of humans, the path of life, and the path of peace. Ven. Cheonghwa also recited a poem called prostrations.


The aspiration prayer read, Please grant your blessings that we could create a pure land, which respects life, peace, and the law of cause and effect. May we create a society where nature and man live in harmony.


In addition, the prostration pilgrimage group began another journey. They prostrate all the way from JogyesaTemple on May 22 to arrive at Imjingak Manbadan in KyungiProvince on June 6.


(Picture) Ven. Sukyung, Father Mun Kyu-hyun, and Father Jeon Jong-hun on the prostration pilgrimage to a Dharma Service at JogyesaTemple

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