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Dharma Talk to Close the Summer Retreat 2009



Ven. Wonmyeong Spiritual Director of Yeongchuk Chongrim (Tongdosa Family)





Do not lose this moment, but hold it well.



It is originally not mind, not form

Pointlessly we speak of mind and form to disturb the mind of others

Dont ask of mind and form

See the old owner of our house



The summer retreat began on the full moon of the fourth lunar month. Today the full moon of the seventh lunar month ends the summer retreat. We came together. Now we will part. Spring is gone and autumn is at hand. The old and new have met today.



This thing that is beyond the three times and pervasive in the ten directionsis it bound or loosed? Those who have held the Hwadu but leaves with fettered hearthow can you call yourself a practitioner? A practitioner must only think of this moment.



The past is gone, do not regret. The future has yet to come to pass, do not consider it. In this moment, we must speak of this moment. Water flows down the river. The cloud descends into the valley.



Please take this to heart. If we do not lose this moment and hold it well, we will know the knowledge that comes before sound and form separate. If not, even if a thousand Buddhas were to appear in the world, they will be of no help to us. How can we step out the door again without being mindful of our original nature, which is beyond coming and going. Turn the outward step inward, and take a look.



The endless rivers and mountains are Buddha Vairocana lying down. All the blades of grass that the wind stirs is the dance of Avalokiteshvara. The mountain and the river fulfill the truth of being to their own accord. The flower and the meadow shine forth luminously to their own accord.



If you have finished your retreat in this way, you have done well. Do you understand?

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