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Life of Buddha Published by Jogye Order





Life of Buddha is published in Korean by the Jogye Order after more than two years of work by the Life of Buddha Compilation Committee made up of specialists who studied extensively on the life of the Buddha. The committee head was Ven. Jeongin a professor at Joongang Sangha University . The committee avoided scholastic and technical information as much as was possible. They focused on the understanding of Buddhas life in a way that would be inspiring. Accordingly, the text was written in a plain and easy to understand style. A professional writer even proofread the text to smooth out the readability.



One of the best parts of this book is the appendix with Buddhas family tree and a chronological table of Buddhas life as well as detailed information and maps (teaching and retreat locations and the river Ganges area). From this information, we can deduce the political atmosphere of the time, and the practice and teaching history of the Buddha.



Ven. Jeongin said, The path of the Buddha who set out to save all beings, is practice and truth. Understanding the life of the Buddha is an essential condition for a correct understanding of Buddhism and the door to taking refuge in the Three Jewels.



He continued, This Jogye Order Life of Buddha uses the verified scholarly information as the basis. It will make a good manual to introduce the life of Buddha for those unfamiliar to Buddhism and a useful reference for scholars and Buddhists.

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