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Jogye Order Dharma Propagation Team Assembled




To spread the dharma to areas untouched by the dharma







Oh Bhikkhus, I have shaken off the yolk of men and gods. You have also shaken off the yolk of men and gods. Now go forth and teach the dharma. Go forth with compassion for the world, for the benefit of many, and for the happiness of many.




There was a inauguration ceremony for the newly formed Dharma Propagation Team (President, Ven. Hyechong, director of Bureau of Dharma Propagation) of the Jogye Order on April 30 in the main dharma hall of Jogyesa Temple. This team was created to relay the dharma to areas have not been influenced by the dharma.




Jogye Order head Ven. Jaseung congratulated the formation of team, This team will become a new companion to those who are thirsty for the dharma and guide them to the Buddha fields. I promise my full support and interest to all the members of this team who will go forth in dharma propagation on behalf of the order.




Ven. Hyechong said, The reason that the Buddha dharma could be transmitted continuously to this day is due to the numerous disciples of Buddha who went forth to teach the dharma. We will seek out areas where dharma propagation is weak, to actively spread the dharma and communicate with society.




This team is composed of more than 200 monastics and laypeople. They will propagate the dharma to groups and organizations. For example, propagation toward college students will be done by forming a college student Buddhist organization. After this, they will select over 500 monastics to be guiding teachers. District head temple and local cities will serve as the base for local Buddhist organizations.




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