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           The Most Ven. Jaseung (President, Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism) visited the Sinheung-sa Temple (Head Temple for the 3rd District of the Jogye Order) again to encourage the members and its users. Sinheung-sa is known for its exemplary community welfare development effort within 25 other National Head Temples for the Districts of the Jogye Order.


On July 1st, the Ven. Jaseung visited the Banyawon (Director, Kim Junghoon), a geriatric welfare facility managed by the Sinheung-sa , to encourage the users and to pray for their longevity.


             The Sinheung-sa Welfare Foundation (Chairman, Ven. Usong; Abbot of Sinheung-sa) currently makes investments and operates the Banyawon,a facility with a variety of geriatric care system. Approximately 140 workers are currently employed to care for the health and wellbeing of more than 230 admitted seniors around the clock.



                While exploring the Banyawon, the Ven. Jaseung took the hands of the seniors individually and greeted them warmly with the following words, “Please live a long and healthy life”. The seniors also joined their hands in prayers and welcomed the Ven. Jaseung sincerely.
After the visit to the Banayawon, Ven. Jaseung went on to visit the affiliated facilities of the Sinheung-sa Welfare Foundation, such as the Banya Childcare Facility (President, Yi Myeonghun) and the Sokcho Senior Welfare Center (Director, Ven. Myogeun).

               The Ven. Jaseung commented after his visit to the Sinheung-sa’s affiliated welfare facilities, “After looking through the facilities I have realized again that a perfect welfare system is being maintained there.” and added, “Essentially, Buddhism within the community is respected and trusted by the social welfare system that it provides to the people. So please do your best to offer an outstanding service to the community. Keep up the good work.”
The Chairman of the Sinheung-sa Welfare Foundation, Ven. Usong, responded “The Foundation’s employees are committed to improving the lives of their residents.” and added the following aspiration words, “Sinheung-sa will not be careless and will continue on with its effort in supporting the community.”
After visiting the Sinheung-sa Welfare Facilities, the Ven. Jaseung also went on to visit the Sangrakwon Nursing Home (President, Ven. Usong)and the Naksan Seniors Welfare Center (a geriatric daycare facility). The Ven. Jaseung again encouraged the workers and seniors at the facilities, affiliated with the Naksansa Welfare Foundation (Director, Ven. Beopin).


            The Ven. Jeongnyeom (Master of Naksan-sa temple; Chairman of the Sepecial Advising Committee of the Jogye Order Policies) mentioned, “According to Ven. Jaseung’s suggestions on 5 resolutions for introspection and reform, we will assist the seniors with the best of our abilities and without being careless.” 


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