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English | French Ambassador Elizabeth Laurin Visits The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

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            On September 19, 2555 B.E. (2011), the Most Ven. Jaseung (President, Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism) welcomed Amb. Elizabeth Laurin at the 4th floor of the Center for Korean Buddhist History and Culture. Ven. Jaseung warmly welcomed Ambassador. Laurin and stated in his first welcoming words, “Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit us.” and Amb. Laurin responded in her first meeting with the Ven. “It is so nice of you to have accepted our request for a meeting. Thank you”.
As a part of the plan to globalize Korean Buddhism, Ven. Jeongman (Director, Department of Planning) explain in detail to the Ambassador regarding the future plans to visit France. Amb. Laurin stated, “It is a great honour for France to have the Most Ven., I hope that this visit will contribute the development of friendly relations between nations and also promote good will between various religions.” and added, “The strengthening of the Culture and Religion is very important in development of the world. The number of people becoming Buddhist is increasing steadily in France and your visit to France will be a great inspiration to many Buddhists in France.”

             Nepal was the first country the French Ambassador was appointed to, so Amb. Laurin shared her story on her connection to Buddhism and offered, “If you require any help from the Embassy before your visit to France, please do not hesitate to contact us.”
In response, Ven. Jaseung stated, “As one of the developed countries that had an early contact with the Culture and Traditions, we hope that France will show more interest in restoring the Garden of Lumbini,” with the added request for the Ambassador to attend the Buddha’s Birthday Celebration (Lotus Lantern Festival) to commemorate together and to offer words of good wishes during the Celebration. Moreover, Ven. offered to those interested in French Embassy to come and experience the Templestay at any time at their own convenience.

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