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Ven. Jaseung From the Jogye Order Visits France
Templestay and Traditional Temple Food Introduced


                                                                            <The Most Ven. Jaseung and 48 other monks and laity embark on the trip to Paris>

Ven. Jaseung, the president of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism (JOKB) with 48 other delegates from the Jogye Order will visit France to promote Traditional Buddhist Culture of Korea from 27th Sep. through 3rd Oct. The representatives will introduce Korean Traditional Temple Cuisine, world acclaimed Korea’s Templestay Program and Korean Traditional Ceremonies.


             <Ven. Jaseung present Buddhist Prayer Beads to an interested Parisian>
For the past few years, the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism (JOKB) has been developing a series of international exchange programs to help spread the teachings of Korean Buddhism abroad. This year UNESCO and JOKB are meeting together at the UNESCO headquarters, where the ambassadors from member nations and representatives from the Jogye Order will engage in meaningful dialogue concerning common issues such as respect for life on this planet and the harmony of mankind. There will also be cultural exchange programs featuring the Tripitaka Koreana and traditional Korean temple food in the hopes of creating a foundation for mutual respect and understanding.

                                                    <Traditional Korean Buddhist Ceremony>
The main purpose of the visit consists of 4 main topics: International Relations (UNESCO, Paris Diderot University, and Taizé Community), Introduction of Korean Buddhism (Korean Templestay and Korean Buddhist Cultural Performance), Globalization of Korean Temple Cuisine (UNESCO Banquet, Lecture on Traditional Temple Food to target local food experts), and Dharma talk for South Korean Buddhists in Paris (Paris Gilsang-sa Temple). These events will be the stepping stones to further promote Korean Buddhism and to introduce the beautiful Korean Traditional Culture to the rest of the world.

<Bhikkuni Daean Sunim demonstrates Traditional Korean Temple Food> 

<Ven. Jaseung meet with students in Paris>

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