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The year 2011 marks the 1000th anniversary of the Tripitaka Koreana. Haeinsa Temple is one of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites containing Tripitaka Korean Woodblocks,considered as the highest quality woodblocks in the world. During the 45 day Millenial Anniversary Festival, the Temple will offer a rare opportunity to appreciate actual blocks of the Tripitaka Koreana. With the religious art theme “The Haein Art Project”, the Seon (Zen) Center will open its door to the public which has been closed (to the general public) for the past 1200 years.
The “The Tripitaka Koreana International Cultural Festival” opened its door on September 23rd in Haeinsa Temple. On September 16th, the Abbot of the temple, Ven. Seon Gak, held a press conference and general meeting with the committee members in anticipation of the opening ceremony of the Festival. Introduction to the “The Haein Art Project” was first discussed during the meeting, which will involve various art works including drawings, sounds, films, and documentaries. The Haein Art Project includes contemporary art gallery in Seonbo Museum, outdoor sculptures in Gaya-san Mountain, and International Art Show in the Haein-sa Temple grounds.
         Ven. Seongak states, “Haein-sa Temple is a stunning place with magnificent cultural heritage. We tried hard to show this important heritage according to what is appropriate in this era while respecting the religious interest and the value of the Haein Art Project.” and added, “We hope many people will participate and show interest in this project during the “Tripitaka Koreana Festival.”
From September 28~29, over 300 scholars will participate in a large-scale International Academic Symposium to celebrate 1000 years Anniversary of Tripitaka Koreana in Changwon City Convention Center with the theme “One thousand years of Tripitaka Koreana wisdom communicated to the Rest of the World” A myriad of other special exhibitions and programs are scheduled in order to raise awareness of the meaning and value of the Tripitaka Koreana. For example, participants can try engraving on woodblocks, make traditional Korean lanterns, Sotae, and totem poels and participate in traditional tea ceremony. American video artist Bill Viola, Russian Igor, Tibet’s Sunan taesang dolma, South Korea’s Jo deokhyeon, and other renowned artists will also participate in this festival.
You can visit the website for more details.

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