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Two Send Off Ceremonies of the Dead for the Most Venerbles of the Jogye Order

<Traditional Buddhist Cremation Ceremony>

“Most Venerable, we are setting fire, please come out!” Leaving behind the pleads from the Buddhists attending the send off ceremony of the deceased in Seoknam-sa Temple, The Most Venerable Jengmu finally left his body. One of the most revered elders from the Jogye Order and member of the Council of Elders, Ven. Jengmu passed away last September 29, 2011. The send off ceremony took place on October 3rd at Yongju-sa Temple, the Head Temple for the 2nd District of the Jogye Order. After the send off ceremony, a traditional Buddhist cremation ceremony took place in Seonknam-sa Temple, Anseong city. Those attending the ceremony include Ven. Milwun (Vice President of the Council of Elders), Ven. Jaseung who came back to European Pilgrimage early to attend the ceremony, Ven. Boseon (The Head of Central Council of the Jogye Order) and 3000 other came to pay repect to the Ven. Jeongmu. The President of the Jogye Order during his tribute to the memory of Ven. Jeongmu stated, “Ven. on his way to practice Seon meditation stopped one night at Beumeu-sa Temple in 1968 and with this connection began to propagate Buddhism around this area and left a significant mark in history of Korean Buddhism.”
Ven. lived modestly all his life, therefore the ceremony was performed humbly in accordance with Venerable’s philosophy.

<Monks from the Jogye Order of Buddhism Pay Respect to Ven. Jeongmu>

< Approximately 3000 Buddhists gathered to pay respect to the Ven. Jeongmu>

The Great Patriarch Docheon’s send off Ceremony
The Great Patriarch Docheon from Hwaeom-sa Temple, the Head Temple for the 19th District of the Jogye Order, passed away and with the public’s blessings and his remain was transferred to the Jogye Order’s funeral ground last October 2nd at 10 a.m. There were over 3000 Venerables and disciples who came to pay respect, including Ven. Milwun and Ven. Myengseon from Jogye Order’s Council of Elders and Mr. Jiyong, the President of Lay Association of Gwangju. The Supreme Patriarch Beopjeon stated during the Dharma Talk “When he was in his mountain temple he practiced and taught his disciples well and outside of the temple he was a true Bodhisattva acted for the benefit of all sentient beings.
The President of Korea, Myeng bak Lee also sent farewell letters to pay respect. After the Funeral Ceremony, the remain of the Great Patriarch was transferred to the cremation ground. Once the body arrived in the cremation ground, traditional cremation ceremony took place. After a while, the wood stacked around the Great Patriarch was lit with the announcement “Here comes the fire”. The public paid their final respect with their hands together while others prayed with tears in their eyes.

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