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Jogye-sa Temple “Chrysanthemum Festival” Takes the Autumn Mood

Jogye-sa Temple’s Chrysanthemum Festival opened its door on October 21, 2011. The festival was designed for citizens, living busy lives, to feel the mood of the Autumn.
Together with Children’s Art competition and Chrysanthemum Exhibition Sales, Jogye-sa Temple opened its first Chrysanthemum festival under the theme “October Chrysanthemums bloom only in October” to spread the beautiful scent of chrysanthemum flowers. The festival proudly presents a very large elephant flower sculpture in front of the Main Buddha Hall and 330㎡ scale chrysanthemum flower garden.
The flowers cultivated in Hampyeng District, as well as various consumer products cultivated and made directly by farmers are being sold to help the local farmers. The Abbot of Jogye-sa Temple stated, “I hope this festival will allow citizens of Seoul and Buddhists to enjoy beautiful chrysanthemum flowers that represent starting of the Fall” and Mr. An Byeng Ho from Hampyeng District stated, “We are very happy to present Chrysanthemum flowers within the Jogye-sa Temple. We hope that this opportunity will promote beautiful Hampyeng District.”

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         More than 50 items are being sold and distributed directly by the farmers to help both the local farmers and consumers to sell and purchase products at a reasonable price. Moreover, music festival, cultural festival, chrysanthemum flower prayers, and children’s art festival are also being held. The festival will last until November 10th.

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