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14th Korea, China, Japan Buddhist Goodwill Conference
“Mahayana Bodhisattvas Working for World Peace”

<Pic. Entering the Naksan-sa Temple for the 14th KCJ Conference>

The 14th Korea, China, Japan (KCJ) Buddhist Goodwill Exchange Conference took place, joined by representatives from three main Buddhist countries in North Eastern Asia that form the “Golden Bond”. The Conference was hosted by Association of Korean Buddhist Orders (Ven. Jaseung, President of the Association and the JOKB) in Yangyang, Naksan-sa Temple starting on November 1, 2011. Moreover, its successful completion was celebrated with a final dinner banquet on the 2nd of November.
Receiving warm welcome from the Buddhist communities, the delegates of KCJ Buddhist Goodwill Conference arrived in Naksan-sa Temple around 9 a.m. on the second day of the program. The main event, “Aspiration Prayer for World Peace” was conducted in Botajeon (constructed for the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara). With over 500 Buddhists who attended the Buddhist Ceremony, Buddhist delegates from three countries pledged to work toward World Peace. Ven. Jaseung emphasized in his World Peace Prayer message, “Demonstration of compassion and peaceful coexistence, valued especially in Buddhism, is the only way to bring about transformation in Mankind which is currently moving towards catastrophe with endless conflicts and struggles.”

  <Pic. Commemoration Planting in Naksan-sa Temple>

Ven. Chuanyin, President of the Chinese Buddhist Association also stated in his message, “Following the footsteps of non-discriminating universal compassion of the Buddha, We must work together and provide support for human welfare, social harmony and world peace, in order to bring happiness for all sentient beings.” Similarly, Ven. Ito Yuishin, President of KCJ Buddhist Goodwill Conference stated in his message, “Let’s pray for peaceful Buddhist exchange and maintenance of ideal harmonious relationships between three countries. Let’s hope that we will make significant contribution to world peace and harmonious human co-existence.”
The delegates of KCJ Buddhist Goodwill Conference from 3 countries made its final dedication prayer in the morning and moved to the Convention Center in Sol Beach Hotel for the afternoon program. “International Academic Lecture” which began around 2 p.m. involved discussions on the topic of “Social Value & Influence of Buddhist Culture.” At the end of the program, the delegation team made “Joint Declaration” to finalize the event. Buddhist communities pledged through their joint statement, “The world is changing and as the leaders of Asia, we have great responsibilities to work together in unity and promote and strengthen Buddhism. We have important roles and responsibilities in this changing world. Let’s work to accomplish important missions ahead.”

< Praying for World Peace in Naksansa-Temple >

Moreover, following pledges were made; “we all know that greed causes great suffering and calamity. We must understand that we are all intricately connected with nature and that we must actively engage in global environmental conservation efforts”. KCJ also made sincere dedications to work for the attainment of world peace as great Mahayana Bodhisattvas, and pledged to work together with open hearts.    

<Pic. Approximately 500 participated in the Conference>

<Pic. Discussion during the Conference>


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