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2012 WFB Conference: Inauguration Ceremony

<WFB Conference Flag Deliverance: The Most Ven. Jaseung pass on the flag to Ven. Yeongjo>

             Inauguration Ceremony (Organizing Committee Selection) for the 2012 World Fellowship of Buddhist (WFB) Conference was officially launched in Yeosu City on November 23 at 4 p.m. at the third floor of the Ocean Resort.   
More than 1000 Buddhists from over 60 countries and 10,000 Korean guests will join in on the WFB Conference from June 11-16, 2012 to discuss “Buddhist Ecological-Environmental Thoughts & Practices”.This 26th WFB 2012 Conference is the second WFB Conference to take place in Korea, as the 17th WFB Korea Conference took place in year 1990 in Seoul.

           According to the teachings of the Buddha, finding harmony and peace between mankind and environment, and the implementation of these findings will be the main purpose of the 2012 WFB Conference.

<The Most Ven. Jaseung from JOKB, Mr. Phallop Thaiarry from WFB HQ, Dr. Kim Eui-jeong
from Lay Buddhist Association, and other distinguished guests and venerables participated in the Ceremony> 
         In particular, the WFB Conference will be held at the same time as the 2012 Yeosu International Expo (planned to take place from May 12 for 3 months in Yeosu City). This is a great opportunity for Korean Buddhist Culture to be propagated to more than 8 million visitors from 100 countries during the Expo.

<Traditional cake cutting ceremony>
        Beginning with the WFB Opening Ceremony, General Conference, International Lotus Lantern Parade, Business Forum, Asian Religion and Peace Conference, 17th WFBY Conference, 9th WBU, Korean Traditional Presentation, Buddhist Musical “Surukje” (celebration of lonely spirits and hungry ghosts in water and land), release of captured animals, pilgrimage, and a variety of great programs have been planned.  

<Ven. Jaseung present to Secretary General of WFB Organizing Committee>

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