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This summer, most temples changed their programs from meditation practice to cultural experience. Programs are more diversified by specializing in family group program, children’s program, and programs for foreighners, etc.

Daeheungsa Temple in Haenam is planning to have a temple stay for the foreigners with coordinaton of Jeonju Korean tradtional folk village starting from July consisting of seven days and six nights. The first three days will be spent at Jeonju Korean folk village experiencing the Korean traditional culture. The next four days will be spent at Daeheungsa. The programs at the temple include early morning walking in the forest, cooking and rubbing the wild green tea leaves, making earthenwares, dyeing with natural materials, etc.

Daewonsa Temple in Boseong offers a program to reflect upon our mind. The main subject of the weekend program of every third weekend is "How we should be prepared for our death." It consists of reading one’s own requiem, Gwanjeong(Bardo) prayer, writing one’s own will, ect.

Youngpyeongsa Temple in Gongju offers a program of praparing the white lotus flower tea from July through august. It will be conducted everyday during the bloomig season of the flower.

Buseoksa Temple in Seosan offers a program of experiencing the ecological issues through watching the wild flowers and listening to the discourse on Buddhism and nature on every weekend.

Guryongsa Temple in Wonju also offers a similar program in addition to Yoga practice, learning the traditional Korean paper arts, tea ceremony, and dyeing with the natural materials from June 24-25.

Naesosa Temple in Buan offers a formal meditation practice program on every Friday. From July 14-17, special programs of making ceramics, Yoga practice, and the traditional tea ceremony will be offered in addition to the meditaton practice. Besides these programs, there will be a musical performance by Nirvana Orchastra from June 27-28.

Bulhoisa Temple in Naju offers a program of making green tea on every weekend from June 24 through July 9. The wild green tea leaves will be collected in the Deokryong Mountain and then tea will be manufactured for their own use by the participants according to the traditional method.
There is also a program to spend the cool summer at Pyochungsa Temple on evey weekend from July 8 through August 27on eight diffeent schedules. From July 28-30 (4th) and August 11-13 (6th) will be three-days-and-two-night program. It includes "waterfall-meditation," looking around reeds and mountain swamp.

Jikjisa Temple in Kimcheon also offers meditation and prayer program from June 24-25, and from July 1 through 12, it also offers two different programs of overnight and 5 day temple stays. It will be conducted by meditation and Yoga practice.
There also was meditaton programs of family, children, and foreigner at Magok Temple in Gongju from June 17-18.

There will be a summer temple stay progrm designed for the primary and secondary school students at Beomeosa Temple in Busan.
Samhwasa Temple in Donghae City also offers a program for the children from July 28-30. It includes Balwoogongyang (Buddhist meal with traditional bowls) and hiking to the Yongchu fall.

Beopjusa Temple in Boeun invites about 50 foreign students in the Chungbuk Province area for them to experience the tradition of Korean Buddhism from July 1-2. Hongbeopsa Temple in Busan also invites foreign students studying in Korea for the totem pole exhibitionfrom on July 16.

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