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Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism (Ven. Jikwan for the President) delivered a compassion hand to Indonesian Earthquake Victims who had a great deal of casualties and property loss.

JOKB Voluntary Emergency Relief Detachment had collected the local information that relief supply is urgently needed rather than medical staff, and arrived at Potorono village, Bantul where they had the biggest damage June 16th. This Detachment delivered 20,000 USD worth of 20 tents, 20 double-sided writing boards, school supplies as well as relief supplies to Salakanz elementary school. Especially the tent is well-made military purpose one with bamboo and styrofoam in its ceiling, thus teachers and students are very pleased to study in more pleasant environment.

They also visited and consoled villagers in misfortune, and handed over money to encourage the disabled and solitary olds.

Sudaryomo, the General Director of Overseas Cooperation says "I extend my deep appreciation to Korean buddhists who visited Pomoroto village where helping hands had not been reached. It will be a great opportunity for the villagers to remember Korea in their mind for a long time." He also added a gratitude to JOKB who delivered the Buddha’s Compassion.

Ven. Jihyeon, the leader of the detachment, mentions "JOKB is planning to supply school tents and school supplies to 20 more schools in Bantul as well as Salacan elementary school. We hope children in this area to overcome from the fear of earthquake soon and to be raised in hope and dream for future. "

JOKB Voluntary Emergency Relief Detachment stayed in Indonesia from June 15th to 18th for relief activities.


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