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The 6th Buddhist Chants Festival, announced officially on that day is jointly hosted by administrative bureau of Jogye Order, Buddhist News, Buddhist Broadcasting System (BBS) and Buddhist TV and this contest is prepared and managed by 2006 Buddhist Music Festival Organizing Committee. 

This project, initiated in 1997 has been carried out by the Jogye Order in an effort to promote and further activate traditional Buddhist music. The Buddhist Music Festival Organizing Committee considers this year a turning point in the festival, as the festival will now be an annual event instead of a biennial event. They will also expand the Buddhist chants activities using broadcasting media channels and various musical bodies. 

On 26th May 2006, the Buddhist Music Festival Organizing Committee had an initial meeting and appointment ceremony. The committee members are Kim, Hee-Kyung (Conductor, Onurum folk music orchestra), Baik, Sung-Jin (Director of Buddhist TV Cultural Project Team), Ahn, Byung-Gil (Secretary General, Sambo Buddhist music association), Lhee, Jong-Man (Good friend wind-bell sound leader), Yee, Jin-Koo (Grand prix winner of 5th Buddhist chants contest), Hwang, Yong-Kwan (Manager of Management & Planning Department, BBS) and Hwang, Hak-Hyun (Secretary General, Buddhist music association) 

In the final contest, eight prizes with a total prize amount of 7,100 USD will be awarded as well as winning plaques, including one grand prize, one most excellent prize, two excellent prizes, one beautiful song lyrics prize, one special prize and two encouragement prizes. And there will be a live broadcast of the main contest through BBS and Buddhist TV. They will also produce and circulate recorded discs of the performance.
Eight selected pieces of work will advance to the main contest at the Traditional Art & Culture Performance Hall on Friday, 27 October. Hence, selected contestants will have two months to practice and preparation for the perfect display of their talent with their own peculiar characters and skills. The heated atmosphere is anticipated more than ever before. 

On the final competing day, there will be various interesting performances. Songs to be performed will include revisions of songs previously awarded which express the contemporary sentiments. This will reflect the traditions through the creative fusion songs in the name of “Traditional Buddhist Music and Today’s Sound”. 

The schedule of event is below :
- 22 June (Thur) : Event Announced
- 4 July (Tue) - 25 August (Fri) : Application Forms Available
- 21 August (Mon) - 25 August(Fri) : Works Receive
- 6 September (Wed) : Preliminary Test Results Announcement
- 25 October (Wed) : Main Contest / Prize Awarding Ceremony / Concert at “ Traditional Art & Culture Performance Hall ”

For more information on this press release, please contact “ Buddhist Music Festival
Organizing Committee” ( Telephone : +82-2-2011-1770. Fax. +82-2-722-2606 Email.

(03144) 55, Ujeongguk-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of KoreaTEL : 82-2-2011-1830FAX: 82-2-735-0614E-MAIL: jokb@buddhism.or.kr