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Sincere Korean Buddhist Communities

Participate in All Night Vigil for Vesakha

(Remembrance Day of Buddha’s Enlightenment)

The Day of Buddha’s Enlightenment is one of the four main Buddhist Holidays of Korea. To commemorate this special day, a various Buddhist community members gathered and held a special night of Buddhist prayers and ceremonies. In particular, local Buddhist communities from Daegu City, such as that of Donghwa-sa Temple, Banwoldang Bohyeon-sa Temple, Hanmaeum Seon Center and other temples from Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do Province all held such a night prayers.
On January 19, one of the largest commemorating ceremonies organized by the Federation of Daegu Buddhist Temples was held in Daegu Citizen Stadium. Among the participants were Ven. Seongmun (Abbot, Donghwa-sa Temple), Ven. Gyeonghee (Chairman, Federation of Daegu Buddhist Temples), Mr. Yu Seungmin (Member of Korean Parliament), and 2000 other four-fold assembly.
Ven. Gyeonghee stated during the ceremony, “The Day of Enlightenment is the beginning of how the Universal Truth, realized by the perfectly enlightened Sakyamuni Buddha, began to be propagated to the entire human race. At the same time, Buddha personally demonstrated that anyone can become a Buddha with a sincere practice.”
<Pic. Over 2000 four-fold assembly attended the ceremony held in Daegu City>
Moreover, Ven. Seongmun stated, “The truth realized by the Buddha is the Law of Dependent Origination” and added, “Let all of us realize and carry out this teaching in our lives and move towards harmony and unification.”  
Followed by the Buddhist Ceremonies, a Healing Concert was also held featuring Ven. Haemin, a best-selling author of <Heart to Heart: Things We Begin to See When We Stand Still>. Moreover, scholarships were given out to 10 underprivileged youths, along with awards for 10 Buddhists with exemplary conduct, specially selected from the local community.


<Pic. A Healing Concert by Ven. Haemin received a great response from the audience>
In the meantime, many other Korean Buddhists also held an all night vigil from the night of January 18th to January 19th morning. For example, approximately 700 Buddhists gathered in Korean Buddhist University of Kwaneumsa and recited Thousand Eyes and Hands Sutra and Diamond Sutra, candle vigil, 108 prostrations, with a great aspiration to attain the perfect enlightenment of Sakyamuni Buddha.

< A sincere prayer offering by Korean Buddhists>

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