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Official Plans for the Upcoming Year from the Department of Education 
Establishment of Monastic College to Teach Vinaya and Seon School
According to the Department of Education (Executive Director Ven. Hyeon-eung) from the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, the Jorge Order will continue to promote reformation of education system throughout this year. The new administrative plans include establishment of graduate schools for monastic, standardization of academic administrations, and diversification of monastic entrance system.

<Pic 1. Press Conference held on January 23rd>
The Department of Education held a press conference on January 23, 2012 to announce the official plan for the upcoming year. Ven. Hyeon-eung stated during the conference, “The final goal for Reformation of Monastic Education System is to put into practice what we learned about compassion and respond to the need of society and our history.” Chimun (textbook students learn upon first entering the monastic life), Sajip (four collection of books), Sagyo (four teachings), Daegyogwa (graduate course of the Sutra School) has been reorganized into the system of Theravada, Mahayana, and Seon Buddhism. Moreover, a course on devotional Buddhist ritual was also introduced to enhance Buddhist devotion in students.


< Pic 2: Ven. Hyen-eung>
The eight major projects to be implemented by the Department of Education include: diversification and vitalization of monastic graduate school system, standardization of education administration system to basic, intermediate, and advance levels, increased ordination programs oriented toward the youths and other special and short term ordination programs, diversification of meditation retreats, varied range of training programs and improved services, change in the examination system of the Sangha, and increase production of monastic training materials and number of symposiums.  
The youth Buddhist ordination program, which received good response last year, will also be expanded and various other mentoring programs are planned with the Korea Cultural Corp for July~Aug of this year.  

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