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Buddhist Cultural Heritage Research Institute

< Pic. Ven. Gakrim (center) Director, Mr. Lim Seokgyu (left)  Head of Archeological Research Department ,
and Ms. Lee Yongyun (right) Head of Buddhist Art Research>
2013 plans for Buddhist Cultural Heritage Research Institute (Director, Ven. Gakrim) have been announced, promising to lay foundation for Buddhist Cultural Heritage preservation effort. The Institute will change its current emphasis on the investigation of cultural property to preservation and maintenance oriented efforts and utilization of available cultural resources.
Ven. Gakrim stated, “the Institute will establish an ‘Integrated Buddhist Cultural Heritage Management System’ centered on a systematic management of approximately 2700 temples and 5400 Buddhist sites, along with more comprehensive Buddhist Cultural Heritage archive and information infrastructure.
First, the institute will put into effect a “Comprehensive Plan for Preservation and Maintenance of Buddhist Heritages.” Moreover, the ‘Museum of Buddhist Cultural Heritage and History’ will be constructed to share collection of data base related to Buddhist temples and other related area.
National Buddhist Cultural Heritage Surveys currently in progress, such as the “Comprehensive Survey of Buddhist Temple” which began in 2002 lasting until 2017 and “National Buddhist Archeological Survey,” which began in 2010 until 2015 will proceed as planned.   

<Pic. Buddhist Cultural Heritage Research Institue>

Some other plans of archeological excavation include the research on ‘Yeoyiju-bong (Wish fulfilling Jewel archeological site) in Haenam City, Daeheung-sa Temple’ and ‘Happy City- Daedeok City Techno Valley Cultural Properties.”
Ven. Gakrim stated, “We will do our best to develop other technological skills in order to promote and protect Korean Buddhist cultural heritage.”

< Pic. The Institue researchers working on printing woodblocks>

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