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Templestay for the Athletes of

2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games

The athletes and representatives of 2013 Pyeongchang Special Olympics participated in some of the most picturesque Templestay programs of Korea.


This special Templestay program was offered in four Korean temples, including Woljeong-sa Temple in Gangwondo, Sinreuk-sa Temple in Yeoju, Sinheung-sa Temple in Hwaseung, and Daegwang-sa Temple in Seongnam. The program lasted from January 26th to 29th, 2013 before the opening of the Winter Olympics, part of the Host Town Program to introduce Korean traditional culture to athletes, most of whom are first-time visitors to Korea.


Twenty athletes and representatives from the Ukraine and Latvia visited Sinreuksa Temple to experience Templestay, purifying the mind and body in nature before the game. The main Templestay events at Sinreuksa included Barugongyang (traditional monastic meal), the Dharma Drum, and walking meditation through the riverside trail.

On the other hand, Sinheungsas Templestay welcomed 46 athletes from Switzerland and 13 athletes from Liechtenstein. The 3 nights 4 days program involved walking meditation through the red clay path and Seon meditation in nature to improve concentration, specially designed to help the performance of the athletes. In addition, 43 athletes from Hungary also participated in various cultural events and Templestay programs of Woljeong-sa Temple.


"The Special Olympics is an international sporting event designed for athletes with various disabilities. Over 3300 participants from 120 countries around the world participated in the Special Olympics, competing for seven main Olympic events and 55 different sub games and programs.


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