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Dharma Talk of the Great Seon (Zen) Masters
to Vitalize Ganhwa Seon
Experience stream of Dharma nectar
Wisdom from a lifelong Seon practice,
Seon Masters Outdoor Dharma Assembly


Place: Daeungjeon(Main Hall), Jogye-sa Temple    
Time: 10:30AM each day
Dharma Talk Schedule
Opening Day: April 24th (Wed)
His Eminence Jinje, Supreme Patriarch of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism
Day 2: April 25th (Thurs)
The Most Ven. Hyeguk, Head of Seokjong-sa Temple Geumbong Seon Monastery
Day 3: April 26th (Fri)
The Most Ven. Woltan, Council of Elders, Hoiju (Elder master) of Yonghwa-sa Temple
Day 4: April 27th (Sat)
The Most Ven. Daewon, Josil (Spiritual master) of Hakrim-sa Temple Ohdeng Seon Monastery
Day 5: April 28th (Sun)
The Most Ven. Muyeoh, Co-representative of National Seon Monastery Monks Association, Head of Chookseo-sa Temple Munsu Seon Monastery
Day 6: April 29th (Mon)
The Most Ven. Seoljeong, Bangjang (Resident Master) of Deukseung Monastic Complex
Day 7: April 30th (Tue)
The Most Ven. Hyunki, Sujwa (Senior monk) of Sangmuju-am Hermitage
Day 8: May 1st (Wed)
The Most Ven. Domun, Council of Elders, Josil (Spiritual Master) of Jukrimjeong-sa Temple
Final Dedication Day: May 2nd (Thurs)
The Most Ven. Gowoo, Council of Elders, the former co-representative of the National Seon Monastery Monks Association

Exhibition of Seon Painting and Calligraphy
fundraising for Monks in Seon Monasteries
Opening the eye of heart
Awakening the deeper self,
Enlightened Masters Seon Exhibition

Place: Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Administrative Headquarters 1 FL. lobby, and Namu Gallery
Artists: The former Supreme Patriarchs, the Most Venerable (M.V.) Kyungbong, M.V. Hyangbong, M.V. Jeonkang, M.V. Hyanggok, M.V. Chungdam, M.V. Tanheo, M.V. Seo-ong, M.V. Wolha, M.V. Gusan, M.V. Wolsan, M.V. Ilta, M.V. Hye-am, M.V. Seokju, M.V. Wondam, M.V. Hwankyeong, M.V. Sukjeong, M.V. Songdam, M.V. Jungkwang, M.V. Gosan, M.V. Seoljeong, M.V. Su-an, M.V. Seongpa,
M.V. Iljang, M.V. Bumju, M.V. Kihyun
Mr. Sochi, Mr. Misan, Mr. uije, Mr. Namnong, Mr. Iljung, Mr. Ahsan,
Mr. Geumbong, Mr. Hakjung
*Hosts: Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism (JOKB)/ National Seon Monastery Monks Association
*Organizers: Jogye-sa Temple/ Seon Monastery Monks Welfare Foundation

The Most Ven. Chungdam


The Most Ven. Songdam
The Most Ven. Seokjeong
And works by the best artists of the age will be displayed.
We hope all Buddhist monks and laity participate in our event.

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