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Let Us Forgive and Love One Another  



Is the supreme Truth of the Dharma present


On this New Year’s Day for the Blue Horse year?


It most certainly is.



Then what is the Truth of the Dharma?



The magnificent glow of the New Year shines brightly forth over the entire world.





The auspicious aura of golden radiance reaches every single village, and the harmonious voices can be heard in every home.



If a tree is attached to its flowers it is difficult for it to bear fruit. Rivers must let go of being rivers in order to become one with the greater sea.  


Faced with a future that surges like waves in the ocean, all past transgressions, feuds, and conflicts that have accumulated should be forgotten with each passing year.


Let us aspire collectively for the blissful future of Korea and of the entire globe.



Together let’s ascend to fresh, new ground on the dawn of this auspicious New Year.


Following their own respective duties,


Let ascetics commit themselves to their spiritual practice and


Politicians work for the benefit of people and dedicate their lives to the welfare of all.


When the farmers cultivate the land, laborers perform their tasks, and students strive ardently to learn, Korea will hear the songs of peace and soar to the ranks of first class nations with first class citizens.       



Dearest brothers and sisters in the Dharma of the Four Seas and the Five Lakes <四海五湖>,



The world is one large family and its infinite manifestations are but one body not separate from any of us. As this is so, how could we possibly make distinctions between the North and the South or the East and the West?


Life is most rare and precious, and the laws of cause and effect clearly demonstrate how enmity and resentment return when one repays life’s generosity with malice. We must understand how holding grudges is infinite and without end. Thus, let us forgive and love one another.



Water nurtures all sentient beings, but once it dries up it will not strive to be full again.


Nothing is as humble and smooth as water when it flows, but there is also nothing more powerful when it encounters something which is strong and immovable.


Abundance results in all creation, with a temperament of everlasting modesty and reservation.


During the year of blue horse, let virtues flow like water in aiding those who are suffering. Prevent bickering between neighbors and treat all as if our own; foster love and forgiveness to swiftly bring unification to Korea and the realization of World Peace.



It is said that, "People live in poverty () because they lack wisdom (智短); the horse gets enfeebled () and its hair gets long ()."


If we aspire for every birth to be victorious and blissful, we must hold the following hwadu in our daily lives:


 ‘What is my True Self before I was born of my parents?’ 


With strong, unceasing doubt, we must discover our True Self. With great wisdom found from our True Self and the supreme blessing and virtue seen within, let us all enjoy eternal bliss and freedom together.





2014 New Year of the Blue Horse (2558 B.E.)


Supreme Patriarch, Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism
Jinje Beopwon



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