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  Jabinanum, the social welfare foundation of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, holds the all-night-vigorous 3,000 prostrations to fundraise the medical expenses of the Korean and overseas children suffering from incurable diseases. It is the 16th fundraising prostration ceremony in 2016, starting from 2001 by the foundation under the title, "For the Recovery of Children Suffering from Diseases." The cost for the incurable diseases is generally enormous due to the prolonged treatment period and by the fact that insurances do not cover them in Korea. In addition, mostly family members suffer from financial difficulties as they spend most of their time nursing and caring the children, instead of going to work.

  Through the fundraising prostration ceremony, the foundation has supported those children and their family members to concentrate solely on treatments instead of worrying over medical expenses, to swiftly come back to their normal lives with smiles. For the past 15 years, the foundation has raised over $880,000 in total for more than hundreds of children suffering from such diseases as acute lymphoblastic leukemia and retinoblastoma tumor, etc. It also started supporting Lao children since 2011 by running a shelter for those kids to be treated in a hygienic and safe circumstance.

   In this year, this fundraising prostration ceremony will be enlarged by the participation of head temples across the country. They include 9 head temples including Jogyesa Temple in Seoul, Yongjusa in Hwaseong, Jikjisa in Gimcheon, Donghwasa in Daegu, Tongdosa in Yangsan, Gounsa in Uiseong, Seonunsa in Gochang, Silleuksa in Yeoju and Suwonsa in Suwon, which will hold the all night vigorous 3,000 prostrations at each temple in May respectively. In case of Jogyesa, it will hold the fundraising prostration ceremony from 7:00pm on Saturday April 23 till 4:00am on the following morning.   

 The foundation appeals to the public to participate as much as one can, as not many can complete 3,000 all-night prostrations. One can either come to the temple and join the prostrations, or pray for the innocent children suffering throughout the life, or make a donation via wire transfer. Any kind of participating gestures are greatly appreciated and all the fund raised go to children selected and recommended by temples, social welfare centers, hospitals, and Lao Kids' Shelter in Laos.  

  For inquiries to participate and make donations, please contact Ms. Jieun Jeong at 82-2-723-5101, the staff in charge at Jabinanum, the Social Welfare Foundation of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.



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