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Opening of the Buddha’s Birthday with the Four Lion Three
-story Stone Pagoda

that Resonate the Buddhist Wisdom and Compassion to the World


The Yeondeunghoe preservation committee (Chairman Ven. Jaseung) held the Lantern Lighting Ceremony to announce the Buddha’s Birthday to the public at Gwanghwamun Sqaure at 7:00pm on April 20, BE 2560(2016). More than 2,000 people including Ven. Jaseung, the President of Jogye Order, Wonsoon Park, the Seoul Mayor, and all the leaders from different orders of Korean Buddhism were present and shined the Square and around with their lanterns. 


This year’s lantern monument is the Four Lion Three-story Stone Pagoda, which is the Korean National Treasure no. 35 located in Hwaeomsa Temple. It is made of Korean traditional paper called Hanji and well represented the four lions vividly holding up the pagoda bravely. 


In Buddhism, a lion symbolizes bravery and courage, essential for expelling all the ignorant views and thoughts, and also the guardian of the truth by taking Manjusri Bodhisattva(Bodhisattva of Wisdom) on the back. In addition, the lion's roar is the Buddhist term that refers to the incomparable and powerful discourse of the Buddha.




Buddhist Prayer   


A gentle spring breeze touches the world and adds life to it. We also feel light-hearted and vitalized along this natural rhythm. The energy of life sprouts within our minds, too. Walking on the right path starts from a clear mind of an individual. If the many keep this mind, the society could become a lot brighter and advance further.  


Living in accordance with the Buddha’s teaching is the best way for us to return the Buddha for his blessing. We keep this way of life and take it as a light that opens up the brighter future and thereby reduces fear or anxiety whichever we have. With the light of ours lit by our compassionate hearts and earnest wishes, we would like to shine one another and bright the society collectively.  


Our minds, pure of all sorts of ignorant thoughts, shine the path ahead without any discrimination between you and I. They are warm and cannot be shaded by darkness. Through this mindset, we can share joy and happiness genuinely with others, empathize with suffering of others, live harmoniously with all beings around, take ownership of our lives, and contribute to the neighbors and society through the lives of our own.  


We will practice hard for the safe and bright world so that our children and young generation could grow safe and sound, brightly and courageously. The most genuinely meaningful contribution we can make to the world would be to benefit all beings around us throughout our lives with the merits we accumulate in our daily lives.


Many are present today at this public square of freedom, lighting the lanterns compassionately to pray that they could wisely contribute to the peaceful and abundant society. Lord Buddha, please do embrace and open up the path for them.  


We take refuge in the Buddha. Namo Shakyamuni Buddha

We take refuge in the Buddha. Namo Shakyamuni Buddha

We take refuge in the Buddha. Namo Shakyamuni Buddha


April 20, BE 2560(2016)

Ven. Jaseung, President of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism


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