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What kind of connection is there between Buddhism and science?
It seems no linkage at first thought, but there is close relationship as many scientists already revealed correlation between Buddhism and science. However stem cell issues, hot social argument until recently, extended an interval between religion and science.
A commemorative lecture meeting to narrow a gap between Buddhism and science and to enlarge mutual understanding comes into the spotlight these days. Bulkwanghoi(The Bulkwang Society), a faith and practice organization marking the 32nd founding anniversary, will hold the lecture meeting on ‘Science, Life and Buddhism’ from 18 October to 3 November (every Wednesdays and Fridays) at 7 p.m. at Daeryundang (third floor of Bulkwang Education Center), Bulkwangsa temple in Seoul;

  • 18 Oct. Space and time of Physics and Buddhism by KIM Sungku, Professor emeritus of Physics, Ewha Womans University
  • 20 Oct. Substance concept and Emptiness by Prof. CHO Wonho, Material engineering, Seoul National University
  • 25 Oct. Life manipulation and Buddhism by Prof. WU Heejong, Veterinary medicine, Seoul National University
  • 27 Oct. Life medicare ethics of Buddhism by Prof. KIM Jongwuk, Buddhism Dept., Dongkuk University
  • 1 Nov. Modern medical access of Buddhism practice by Prof. JANG Hyungap, Psychology, Youngnam University
  • 3 Nov. Modern understanding of samsara and no-self by Prof. HAN Jakyung, Philosophy, Ewha Womans University

These representative experts in the science and life sector have made great achievements, especially to identify correlation with Buddhism. Head monk Jihong of Bulkwangsa temple said, “Science and life have an effect on every inch of our lives than any times. Viewpoints toward the world are changing. It would be a valuable time to compare with Buddhism and analyze it with the specialists.”

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