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" Let’s learn how to Die Well "
The Special lectures on this topic to teach and learn how to die well are very popular these days among Korean Buddhist Organizations.

The various “dying well” programs since they began last summer are now in full swing in Korean temples throughout the peninsula and many lay Buddhists are flocking to hear these kinds of lectures.

They are not merely lectures, enabling us to learn how to cope well with the last moment of life. Rather, they give us good chance to contemplate our present life in order to face our mortality with beautiful and guilt-free mind. So, ordinary people, not just lay Buddhists, widely acclaim these programs.

Professor Oh, Jin-Tak, head of Life & Death research Institute of Hallym University, a forerunner in the “dying well” lectures says the organizations
giving these lectures including various Buddhist bodies as well as temples have now become diversified.

In the meantime, about 250 lay Buddhists and citizens gathered for the “dying well” experience class held in the Bongeunsa temple last June and there was
a special lecture at Gumi Hwaeom Buddhist College on 23rd August along with a special dharma talk on "Well Dying" in the Bulkwangsa temple on 24th September.

Also, the Youth Activity Support Center of Daejeon Yeonhwasa temple performed three hours of lectures on the same subject on 16th October.
The Bongeun temple has a plan to continue this "Dying Well Experience Class" every Monday until December with some lectures by experts.

Also, Hongbeopsa temple in Busan will have a 3-day special lecture for the public at the main dharma hall with the title of " Dying Well -to meet a beautiful death" from 7 to 10 PM everyday from 18th to 20 October. Seoul Jamshil Bulkwangsa temple is also planning Dying Well Experience Class.

Professor Oh, Jin-Tak also added that the creation of new model which comprises 3 factors - Dying Well, Hospice and Funeral Service - would have a
favorable effect on the transmission of Buddhism and for the education of lay Buddhists.

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