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The Fields for Recommendation:

1. Age: 1) Infants 2) Children 3) Teenager 4) University students 5) The youth
2. Occupation: 1) Armed forces 2) Police 3) Workers
3. Culture & Sports: 1) Arts 2) Architecture 3) Music 4) Scholarship 5) Culture 6) Entertainment 7) Sports
4. Social Fields: 1) Environment 2) Unification 3) International 4) Human rights 5) The disabled 6) Welfare 7) Female 8) Labor
5. Media: Broadcasting 2) Press 3) Publication 4) Printing 5) Internet
6. Faith and Practice: 1) Education 2) Practice 3) Organization of devotees or missionary activities


1. Grand prize of the Supreme Patriarch
2. Meritorious prize of the Chief Executive of Administration the Order
3. Power of vow prize of the Chief of the Missionary Work

Qualifications: 1. Sections or Organizations of the Jogye Order 2) Monks of the Jogye Order 3) Devotees of the Jogye Order who have performed missionary activities for more than five years. Qualification for the Grand prize requires more than twenty years of activities in the relevant field.

Recommendation must be sent to the Missionary Work of the Jogye Order of the Korean Buddhism (02-2011-1900) during the period of November 6 thru 17 with 1) the recommendation of the section of Central Administration of the Order, Abbot of the district head temple, or the president of the registered group of propagation or devotees of the Order, 2) the statement of meritorious activities, 3) personal history of the applicant.

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