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Temperature has dropped sharply and it is now the Kimchi seasoning season in Korea. It is one of the most important events of the year for the Korean housewives. Hwaeomsa Temple in Gurye, Silsangsa Temple in Namwon, and Hongbeopsa Temple in Busan are planning to have "Temple Stay Kimchi Seasoning" event. Kimchi made at the temple is different from other Kimchis because it does not use stimulating ingredients, such as garlic, and pickled fish.

Hwaeomsa, the 19th District Head Temple, is scheduled to have the even from December 1 through 3, and December 8 through 10, composed of about 80 members of family and individual volunteers. The event includes morning and evening chanting, temple etiquette, salting the Chinese cabbage, preparation of seasoning ingredients, and then mixing them with the salted cabbage. Participants can also make their own use and take home. There will also be walking in the mountain trail and community work.

Sannae Woman Agricultural Center for One-life is also planning to have a Kimchi seasoning event at Silsansa in Namwon from November 25 through 26. All the materials are the products of organic farming cultivated in this area, and it will be a good occasion for the meeting of the farmers and the city people.

There will also be a speech by Kim Yeong-tae, the Administrative Director of Miri Cooperative on "Kimchi and Fermentation of Food" besides Morning and evening chanting, appreciation of dancing video, mind-sharing, and get-to-gather program.

At Hongbeopsa in Busan, the Kimchi seasoning program is scheduled for the foreigners on December 12 in the temple ground. All the Kimchi made at the temple will be given to the old people living alone without family in Dugu village in Geumjeong District. There will also be some other programs to enjoy the temple life.

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