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New Year’s Greetings of 2020

-End Conflicts and Keep Others -

The New Year of 2020 has dawned with the Rat, the first of all the zodiac animals. Entering the Year of the White Rat, symbolizing abundance, may all your hopes be realized at ease in the year.

At the moment, the period we live in is filled with a series of disconnects and the absence of communication. The walls of conflicts and tension enveloping our society are intensifying more than ever before. The onset of self-righteousness and impassibility has shown no sign of stopping.

Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters,

Like the saying,“Stop and smell the roses,” why not take a break in the New Year and look around us? In times of difficulties, we, the sensible people of Korea, have demonstrated courage and unity in overcoming the obstacles, gathering our strengths even when things become tougher. Together with our neighbors, let us pray for each other’s happiness and strive for a year of practicing the Buddha’s teaching of compassion.

Dear Fellow Buddhists,

Have you had a chance to go over our conducts while racing through the Year of the Pig? Reflect on whether you had a chance to pay attention to the voices of others. In the coming New Year, let go of your delusive ego and greedy attachment. Walk the path of virtuous practice and enlightenment toward a year of hope. Don’t just look after your own self-interest, rather share with your neighbors joyfully.

In the Year of the White Rat,

let us hope for settling peace on the Korean Peninsula.

We pray that all conflicts are to be resolved and our society gets to be unified as a whole.

We pray that it will be a year full of happiness for all families.

For the New Year, may all your plans be realized wholesomely. May you all be healthy and happy.

On January 2nd, Buddhist Era 2564 (2020)

Most Ven. Wonhaeng, the President of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

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