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2021 Seoul Relax Week Presents the Meditation Conference

How can mindfulness become the best education?

Renowned meditation teachers from all over the world will share mindfulness practices on- and offline from November 5 to 10.

2021 Seoul Relax Week highlights how meditation can be integrated into the public education system in the 3-day meditation conference on November 5~7 to be held in the Korean Buddhist History and Culture Memorial Hall, which will be live-streamed on Zoom Webinar. After the conference, a variety of programs will be made available where the audience can learn how to put into practice the meditation methods taught during the conference, from November 8 to 10.

The Seoul Relax Week Meditation Conference, well received by the public by putting together the lectures of world-renowned meditators and mindfulness scholars, will focus on education this year, how Western society has recognized the educational potential of meditation for the future generation, and what are the policy directions in this area currently considered in the public sectorin Korea.

The title of the 2021 Seoul Relax Week Meditation Conference is ‘Mindfulness inEducation.’The first day of the conference, where the theme is ‘Meditation Becomes Education,’ will share the best practices of meditation in education from Korea and abroad. On the second day, given the topic of ‘Mindfulness for Children,’ meditators will discuss how to apply meditation to children’s education to promote their personality development and emotional well-being. The subject for the third day is ‘Mindfulness for Adolescents,’ and to be discussed is how to help the youth to take better care of themselves through mindfulness, which helps boost their self-esteem and the ability to empathize with others, and manage relationships better.

Six pioneers from the United States and the United Kingdom who have successfully made mindfulness a part ofthe public school curriculum are invited, as well as eight Korean meditators who are leading figures in introducing meditation to a wider public.

The Meditation Conference this year goes beyond one-way lectures on academic subjects. Participants can join five on- and offline sessions where the meditators guide them in actual step-by-step meditation, teaching them how to put the theory into practice from November 8 to 10.

On-linelectures include:

△‘Now, Why We Should Talk about Mindfulness in Education’ and‘Mindfulness as a Powerful Tool to Improve School Culture’ by Megan Sweet

△‘Mindful Games: An introduction to Activity-based Mindfulness for Children, Educators, Clinicians’by Susan Kaiser Greenland

△ ‘Seven Steps of Mindfulness’ by Oren Jay Sofer

△ “3-Step Compassion Meditation for Educators” by Kim John Payne.

Some of the offline sessions are:

△’Heart-Smile Training(HST) for Educators’ by Ven. Misan W.D. Kim (Nov. 8)

△ ‘Social, Emotional, Ethical (SEE) Learning Model for Children’ by Ven. HyeJuHee Jung Min (Nov. 8)

△’Mindfulness for Teens - Making Friends with Yourself’ by Ven. Hyorim and Na, Eui-Hyeon (Nov. 9)

△‘Restorative Dialogue for Peaceful Classroom’ by Shin, Ho-Seoung (Nov. 10)

△ ‘Cultivating the Mind Through Empathy Meditation for Parents and Children’ by the meditation guide group from Happiness Class Cooperative Association(Nov. 10)


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