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“Give a hand to build a meditation hall in temples of china, which was headed by venerable Huineng, and establishment of sisterhood relationship with Korean meditation hall can be a good way to globalize GanHwaSeon.”
Venerable Misan, Professor of Joong-Ang Sangha University, insisted like this at the 3rd GanHwaSeon seminar. The seminar was held with Korean Buddhist Newspaper and Buddhology laboratory of learning institute at the last 1st day, and venerable Misan gave the talk in the session of outlook of GanHwaSeon globalization.

Through the first funeral address, venerable Misan put an emphasis like the following.
“Instead of globalization of GanHwaSeon by Korean Buddhism alone, it might better to help China Buddhism to born GanHwaSeon teaching again.”

Also, venerable Misan mentioned like the below.
“For example, in every retreat, the most reverend Korean monk teaches the GanHwaSeon staying at Chinese meditation hall, and Chinese monks stay in Korean meditation hall can be an alternative. This can also be a good chance to refresh the atmosphere of Korean meditation hall.”

Additionally, venerable Misan explained the importance of practice and the structure of education like this.
“Recently, Chinese Buddhism restored the most of destructed temples during the Cultural Revolution. However building an internal practice and organized education system is still an necessary. ”

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