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The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism invited foreign monastics living in Korea and held a workshop so that they could understand Korean Buddhism and culture better.

On September 16~17, 2022, the International Team under the Social Affairs Office of the Jogye Order organized a training workshop at Woljeong-sa Temple in Mt. Odae and Naksan-sa Temple in Yangyang for 21 monks from the Buddhist orders in seven different countries, namely, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, India (Tibet), Myanmar and Taiwan. The foreign monks participating in the workship are playing a leading role in propagating their Buddhist tradition in Korea.

The workshop offered classes on how to process visa applications, extend stay in Korea, and handle other immigration-related administrative paperwork, tours ofWoljeong-sa and Naksan-sa Temples, and meditation experiences. They also formed small groups where they made a presentation and shared information about their Buddhist traditions.

The workshop for foreign monastics has been organized by the Jogye Order’s International Team every year to help them better adapt to Korean culture, learn and experience Korean Buddhism and have a chance to mingle with other Buddhist monks.

“We will continue to invite and provide training for foreign monastics,” said the International Team. “We will prepare more advanced programs next year to better educate, entertain and communicate with them next year.”

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