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Delegates of Dreaminus (Chairman of the Board, Ven. President Jinwoo of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism) recently visited Sri Lanka, a bankrupt nation now mired in extreme difficulties, and delivered food packages to 800 low-income households.

To help these needy Sri Lankan families—which have struggled to get food as prices began to soar after the country declared bankruptcy in April 2022—Dreaminus has raised 90 million won (approx $67,600 USD). Dreaminus delegates—including its executive director, Ven. Ilhwa—visited Sri Lanka beginning from Apr. 10, and provided food packages to a total of 800 households. Each food package consisted of rice and dahl lentils—both of which are staple foods in Sri Lanka—seasonings needed for cooking like salt and sugar, their favorite drink, tea, and needed school supplies.

On Apr. 10, Dreaminus delegates visited “Korea-Sri Lanka Welfare Town of the Jogye Order,” established by the Jogye Order in the Gampha area, and provided 200 low-income households with food packages. For the past 15 years the Korea-Sri Lanka Welfare Town of the Jogye Order has been involved in diverse welfare projects in the Gampha area while introducing Korean Buddhism to the Sri Lankan people. Dreaminus delegates delivered food packages to pre-selected families. Ven. Gagwon, director of the Welfare Town, said, “I am grateful to the Korean Buddhists who sent their sincere support to the Sri Lankans who are going through such difficult economic times. This is a great gift for the residents, especially because it arrived just before their traditional New Year.”

On Apr. 11, Dreaminus delegates visited a village hall and two temples in the Matale area, and distributed food packages to 200 families at each place, a total of 600 food packages. Matale residents shared their feelings, saying, “This is the first time someone has supported us, and we are deeply grateful to the Korean Buddhists. We won’t ever forget this.” In addition to the places already visited, Dreaminus plans to support an additional 1,700 families at 12 temples in Sri Lanka.

Ven. Ilhwa shared his hopes, saying, “It is a good thing that these food packages were provided just before Sri Lanka’s traditional New Year. I hope this will become a happy memory for them.” He further conveyed his gratitude, saying, “I am grateful to the Korean Buddhists who put their beliefs into practice to help the predominantly Buddhist country of Sri Lanka in its struggles.”

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