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The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism is rallying to help those devastated by the torrential rains that have hit the country, causing numerous casualties and extensive property damage.

As of July 25, 47 people were killed, three were missing and 35 were injured in the monsoon rains that poured from July 9 to 16, according to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters (CDSCHQ). There were 11,428 cases of damage to private and public properties, and 35,393 hectares of crops were submerged in water, making it the largest heavy rain and typhoon casualty since the Woomyeon-san landslide in 2011 that killed 78 people. The Jogye Order responded by practicing compassion and donating necessities and money to aid the disaster victims.

On July 19, Jogye-sa Temple in Seoul donated 30 million won to Dreaminus, the Jogye Order’s nonprofit organization, and on July 20, Doseon-sa Temple donated 20 million won in emergency relief funds and 27,000 bottled water. In addition, Jogyesa Temple and Bongeun-sa Temple dedicated memorial plaques to the victims at the main Dharma Hall on July 19, the day of the first All Soul’s Day ritual, and prayed for their rebirth in Buddha’s Pure Land.

On July 25, Most Ven. Jinwoo, the president of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism visited Yecheon County, North Gyeongsang Province, and after receiving a report on the damage situation at the county hall, donated 100 million won collected by Jogye-sa, Bongeun-sa and Doseon-sa Temples, and 100 million won collected by the five Headquarters Temples, as well as 30 million won worth of daily necessities to Yecheon County. The International Seon Center contributed an additional 2,000 pieces of toiletries, including towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap.

"We pray for the victims so that they would gain rebirth in Buddha’s Pure Land, and offer our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families," said Most Ven. Jinwoo. "We hope that the affected areas will recover quickly so that their residents can continue with their lives that have been brutally disrupted by the disaster." The Jogye Order’s president also visited Yecheon Stadium to comfort over 1,300 marines who were deployed to the disaster areas for the recovery effort.

20230801141652_ef33f88aff5f51e29113eb9bee3f8256_8t2i.jpgThe Jogye Order’s Social Welfare Foundation and the international relief organization The Promise are also providing support. On the 25th, the order’s welfare foundation visited temporary shelters established at the Yecheon Culture and Sports Center and delivered 20 million won worth of food to more than 570 victims displaced by the floods. The international relief organization The Promise also sent its field team to the disaster sites to inspect the flood-affected areas of Okryu-dong and Nonsan, Gongju, and launched an emergency fundraising campaign.

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