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The 2023 Korean Buddhist Culture Expo was held successfully from September 14 to 17, under the slogan "A Thousand Years, Variations of Silla Buddhist Culture".

This Buddhist culture expo, themed on “he Buddhist cultural industry in Daegu and Gyeongbuk province”, showcased a variety of Buddhist cultural products and programs through 228 booths from 150 companies and Buddhist organizations, including crafts and architecture, clothing, food, religious ceremonies, cultural industries, tea, traditional art, and contemporary art, all centered on the Daegu and Gyeongbuk regions. It also showcased the charm of Korean traditional Buddhist culture through theme exhibitions, special exhibitions, and Dharma programs, to Buddhists, as well as to residents of Daegu and Gyeongbuk province.

In particular, the theme exhibitions included a Special Exhibition of Building a Thousand Years and a Photographic Exhibition of the India Pilgrimage of the Sangwol Assembly. The Special Exhibition of Building a Thousand Years displayed art works of the rock carved Buddha at Yulamgok Valley from 10 Buddhist artists including Buddhist fine art painter In-nyong Kang, and also arranged a meditation session led by Ven. Harim, the head of Mita Seon Center in Busan. The Photographic Exhibition of the India Pilgrimage of the Sangwol Assmbly exhibited 33 photographs that allowed visitors to feel the scene of a 43-day, 1,167-kilometer pilgrimage.

In addition, a Relay Healing Dharma Talk program was held to guide the way to find true happiness in life. From September 15 to 17, 12 monks, including Ven. Subul, head of Anguk Seon Center, Maga, head of Jabi Meditation, and Cheolsan, abbot of Juklimsa Temple in Pohang, took turns giving Dharma talks on the main stage.

20230922132401_16e3d2611eeef53cfdf3b6da83611f98_h2r8.jpgIn the Buddhist art exhibition, a variety of Buddhist art works from traditional Korean Buddhist art to contemporary art were displayed in modern and traditional Buddhist art workshop boothes, and artisan workshop exhibits of Chil-gyo Seo, Jin-hwan Shin, and Ki-ok Jeong. The special exhibition, which was participated in by the Korea Buddhist Cultural Corporation, the Korea Masters Association, and the Korea Buddhist Art and Craft Cooperative, also showcased a variety of Buddhist cultural content and unique products.

A variety of programs were also operated for anyone from children to the elderly to enjoy Buddhist culture, including flower tea meditation, breathing meditation, writing a meditative diary to find true self, making a pouch, making a 42 Avalokitesvara mantra mandala, making lotus flowers, and making tumblers. The Gounsa Temple Metaverse, where visitors can look around the thousand-year-old temple Gounsa Temple in a virtual space and enjoy prayer, 108 bows, sitting and walking meditation, also attracted many people.

The 2023 Korea Buddhist Culture Expo recorded twice as many participants as the previous year and was evaluated as “the coexistence of tradition and the present, and the future that meets the present."

In his congratulatory speech at the opening ceremony, Ven. Jinwoo, president of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism said, " Along with the Seoul International Buddhist Fair, the Buddhist Culture Expo is becoming the largest festival of Korean Buddhism. I hope that it will become a place for contemporary Buddhist culture to be presented, and will spread the Dharma to many people in the future." He also promised, "The Order will work hard to build a future a thousand years ahead, spreading K-meditation worldwide and preserving the shining history of the past thousand years."

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