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"More than 70 years ago, the Korean Peninsula was engulfed in a devastating war that claimed countless lives, and now, in many parts of the world, innocent lives are being lost in wars caused by discrimination and conflicts arising from not recognizing differences. The four-fold community gathered here today will strive together to create a peaceful world where all humankind can live in harmony by practicing the Buddha's great teachings for the happiness of all sentient beings."

The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism held a Water and Land Festival to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Korean Armistice and to pray for peace on the Korean Peninsula and the world on the morning of October 21st at Jingwan-sa Temple in Seoul. The Dharma ceremony, themed "Prayers for Life and Peace Blossoming with Great Compassion," was organized to mark the 10th anniversary of Jingwan-sa Temple's designation as a holder of a National Intangible Cultural Property and the 70th anniversary of the Korean Armistice this year as well as to pray for the rebirth of those who sacrificed their lives in war, including Korean War veterans, in the Buddha’s Pure Land, and for a peaceful world.

Jingwan-sa’s Water and Land Festival began in 1398 when King Taejo of the Joseon Dynasty traveled to the temple to pray for the well-being of the nation and the peace of the people. He established the Water and Land Festival Society at Jingwan-sa, designating the temple as the most important site for this grand ritual. Since then, as the principal temple of the state and the royal family, Jingwan-sa hosted the state-funded water and land festival twice a year. These rituals served social integration purposes, practiced to realize the compassion for all sentient beings. The festival is a comprehensive art form that combines music, art, and dance. In recognition of its historical and artistic significance, the festival was designated as a National Intangible Cultural Property in 2013. Jingwan-sa has been performing the rituals that last 49 days since September 3 this year, which culminated in a grand ceremony to dedicate the completion of the festival on October 23.

A Buddhist butterfly dance performed by the Jingwan-sa Water and Land Festival Safeguarding Association marked the commencement of the ritual, which was followed by the offerings of incense, tea, and flowers by the attendees. Most Ven. Jinwoo, the president of the Jogye Order offered incense to the Buddha, emphasizing the values of equality highlighted by the festival in his commemorative speech. "I believe without a doubt that the Water and Land Festival conducted at Jingwan-sa Temple will serve as the starting point for creating a brighter future for our nation by comforting the spirits of those who perished on the Korean Peninsula over 70 years ago," he said." I sincerely hope that the merits of the festival will move the heavens, spread across the land and sea, and bring harmony and coexistence to our nation and the entire human race."

20231030133016_c8ab5a7ff9b7d17ff0f097c5ef4114b0_jio6.jpgAs the ceremony has international significance to soothe the souls of veterans around the world, President Yoon Seok-yeol also sent a message. "I hope that our patriotic Buddhist spirit will be widely known to the world's citizens through the Water and Land Festival, which honors the sacrifices of UN veterans," said President Yoon in his congratulatory remarks, which were read by First Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Jeon Byung-gyeok. "The government will also spare no effort to ensure that the value of the festival is widely recognized and passed down uninterrupted."

The ceremony, which was attended by many foreigners, including ambassadors from the countries that participated in the Korean War, was marked by the ambassadors personally carrying the memorial plaques of the victims of the Korean War. "Seventy years ago, the Korean War brought nations together in the pursuit of freedom and peace," said British Ambassador Colin Crooks, speaking in fluent Korean. "I wish peace, security, and prosperity to the Republic of Korea and all nations that fought with it. May the sacrifices of the fallen and those who served never be forgotten."

On the same day, Jingwan-sa Temple donated 30 million won in relief funds for war victims and 2,000 kilograms of rice for the underprivileged to the Buddhist non-profit organization Dreaminus, and prayed for an end to the wars taking place around the world.

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