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On the morning of November 7th, at Bongeunsa Temple in Seoul, the World Peace Prayer Ceremony of the 23rd Korea-China-Japan Buddhist Friendship Exchange Conference took place. Gathering for the first time in four years due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, over 300 Buddhist leaders from the three countries proceeded to the special stage in front of Daewoongjeon (Great Hero Hall) following the Korean traditional parade band (Chitadae) after passing through the main gate of Bongeunsa.

Ven. Wonmyeong, the head monk of Bongeunsa temple, delivered a welcoming speech, expressing that through several conferences so far, Buddhist leaders from the three East Asian countries have reaffirmed their identity as disciples of the One Vehicle and have contributed to the establishment of regional peace and global harmony. He emphasized the need for serious discussions on how to respond to the rapidly changing times and expressed the hope that the light of Buddhist revival would shine brightly not only in the three countries but also throughout the world.

During the ceremony, Buddhist representatives from each country offered prayers before the Buddha for world peace in accordance with their respective traditions. Ven. Inmook, master of Korean traditional ritual chanting (Eosan), led the ceremony on the Korean side. Additionally, leaders of the Korean Buddhist Sect United Council and prospective monastics from Jung-Ang Sangha University jointly conducted Seven Prostration Ritual. After the 20-minute prayer session, Ven. Jinwoo, the chairman of the the United Council, highlighted the unwavering friendship and universal compassion among the Buddhist communities of the three countries in his message for world peace.

Ven. Jinwoo remarked, "The global community is currently so unpredictable that we cannot see even an inch ahead. The international community is facing serious conflicts and challenges such as poverty, hunger, violence, inequality, and polarization." He stressed that peace can only be achieved by washing away greed and anger, and he urged Buddhist of the three countries first to fill the world with compassion and illuminate it with the wisdom of the Buddha. He concluded by emphasizing the importance of embodying the Buddha's teachings and spreading them through the practice of Dharma and missionary activities.

Following Korea, China and Japan conducted their respective ceremonies. Ven. Yanjue(演觉), the chairman of the Chinese Buddhist Association, and Ven. Yuishin Ito (伊藤 唯眞), the chairman of the Japan-China-Korea International Buddhist Exchange Council, expressed their solidarity with the value of 'mutual existence'. Ven. Yanjue said, "From the Buddhist perspective, all sentient beings co-exist and human society is interdependent. In the new era, let us Buddhists uphold the Buddha's teachings even more and contribute to inheriting the golden bond of unity to enhance human happiness and world peace."

Ven. Yuishin Ito, who is over 90 years old, was unable to attend the conference, but his message was read by a member of the priests of the Jodo sect of Japanese Buddhism. He said, "Buddhism has the Bodhisattva vow. We all know the Four Great Vows. The human world survives by maintaining various relationships. We must solve many challenges with the human life problem in mind.“

In the afternoon, at the Harmony Ballroom of COEX Hotel in Seoul, an academic symposium on the theme 'The Role of Buddhists for Propagation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution' took place, followed by the adoption of a joint declaration. The Buddhist representatives of the three countries pledged to view the development of the fourth industrial revolution from a Buddhist perspective, recognizing the potential harms to human values and ethics, including job replacement. They committed to deeply engraving the teachings of 'interpenetration' from the Avatamsaka Sutra, pledging concerted efforts to address these challenges we face today.

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