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Korean Buddhist, Help Iraqui Victims and Their Offsprings

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(Photo) Kauser Adell Humim, and her father; Kausel is under the treatment at Seoul National Hospital funded by Korea-Iraqui Peace Project, through Korean Religious Leaders’ Peace Forum

“Hope to recover soon to see Mom and meet friends for Doll House."

Kauser Adell Hutim(4) is regaining her smile after her near-death experience due to the severe fire attack done by Bagdad Bombshell Terrorists’ invasion. She luckily has obtained Korean Religious Leaders’ fund which enabled her to enter Korean on 7th, early morning, and the following day was hospitalized in Seoul National Children’s Hospital. She had the typical childlike smile, owing to her optimistic character.

This invitations is achieved by ’Korea-Iraqui Peace Project’, which is one of the recent projects of KCRP(7 religious leaders’ assoication) and ACRP(its international). KCRP women committee has embarked ’Motherhood cross the boundary’ project, and started supporting four children victimized by war and terror. Last February a child with backward flow of urine symtoms has been operated successfully, fully recovered and went back..

Buddhist Women’s Development Institute and Jogye Order Social Welfare Foundation volunteer group has looked after Kauser since the eighth, and is to give her the needed help for next three months.

Kauser is accompanied by her father, Adell Hutim(40) who says, "I am deeply grateful for the treatment because Kauser’s operation on the arms and mouth, done at Iraqui was a tough job and the result was hopeless" and he also says "Kauser is truly fortunate to get this help".

Kauser is to get the first operation this week, and to go through total four step surgery (mouth, neck, ears and so on). Kyoungjin Kang, one of the volunteers, currently studying in Great Britain, joined to help Kauser settle in Korea. Kyougjin says, "In the beginning, Kauser was restless caused by the mental trauma after the burn and the unfamiliar surroundings in Korea. Now she is regaining herself and turns cheerful and optimistic."

(Photo) Insook Kim, the head of Buddhist Women’s Development Institute, came to visit Kauser to console her.

Insook Kim, the head of Buddhist Women’s Development Institute, says, "We hope this would be an opportunity to pass love and care trans the boundary of nations and ethnicity so that it would show the power of universal humanism for the Iraqi war and terror child victims and their care-givers."

Currently, 10.4% of born children in Iraq dies due to war and terror, and the survivers are often born deformed. However the demolished medical system could not be able to give in-timely treatment.

Besides, Santa Shejad(4, Gacheon Kil Hospital), with the inborn heart disease, and Muhamad Ottman(13, Wonkwang Univ. Hopspital) with the malfunctioning neck, are to be treated for one to three months. NurHakki(8) was supposed to be hosptalized at Catholic university hospital had to cancel the entry to Korea because of the danger of terror.

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