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Master Jikwan extending Christmas wishes for Yuletide season

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Master Jikwan, Executive Director of the JOKB Headquarter, delivered his Christmas wishes at this special time of year. In his message, "Jesus Christ came to this world to rescue all human kinds through his love and compassion. The essence of his teaching is to preach that everything alive is precious and meaningful as they exist and that peace and joy remain inside of our minds as well as everywhere else in this world. I, along with 20 million Buddhists in this country, would like to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Master teacher of us all," he said.

This Christmas message is the 7th one delivered each year by the Executive Director of the JOKB Headquarter. At 10:30 in the morning on December 20th, the JOKB Headquarter put a celebratory banner in Wujeongkuk-ro in front of Jogyesa Temple to share joy and happiness of the birth of Jesus Christ, the messiah. A large Christmas tree will be positioned next to the one pilar Gate (일주문) of Jogyesa Temple, the heart of Korean Buddhism, and will be lit as Christmas comes just around the corner.

-The following is the entire text of the Christmas message from Master Jikwan

I, along with 20 million Korean Buddhists, would like to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to share joy of his presence. Jesus Christ came to us to teach Love and Compassion. Everything alive is precious and everything alive should be cherished as they exist. Jesus for that reason taught us to love even our enemies. After all, love and reconciliation come from the heartfelt recognition of the others regardless of color, race, and creed. Once overcome, conflicts and distrust among us would turn into love and peace.

Let us be the true followers of the Christ whose love and sacrifice shed warmth and caring voices to our neighbors, the suffered ones, and the lonely ones in need. As peace and harmony were brought to us all by the birth of Master teacher, Jesus Christ, let us hope for a peaceful and joyful world around us.

December 19, 2006
Master Jikwan
Exe. Director of the JOKB Headquarter

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